2017 Patriot Subaru Car Giveaway

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Summary of 2017 Event:
Congratulations Deborah Stoloff, our Patriot Subaru Car Giveaway Winner! Out of some 25,000+ entries, Deb was our random draw winner. She'll now get her pick of any new Subaru we have on the lot up to $30k MSRP. She's going to take a day to think about it, and bring the whole family back for the final choice. Let's see what she picks! Patriot Subaru sincerely wants to thank everyone who participated. It's hard when there can only be one winner, but it's always fun to try. Never give up! You can be down 28-3 and....! So we thank you, wish you a Happy Valentines Day, and look forward to sunny days ahead. Love, Patriot Subaru


The contest has ended.  These were the basic rules.
1. No Purchase Necessary
2. Random Drawing. ONE winner from all entries collected between Saco, ME and North Attleboro MA stores.
3. You can enter in person at EACH store once, and you can enter Online once.
3. Drawing on Valentines Day, February 14, 2017.
3. Winner can choose any new 2017 Subaru that is on the lot, from either store, Up To $30,000 MSRP.
4. If selected vehicle is under $30,000 MSRP,  there is no additional compensation to raise the prize value to that $30,000 level. Meaning - winner can not take a $25k car and $5k cash.

For Complete Rules in Full Detail, visit OFFICIAL RULES.

Frequently Asked Questions.....
Q: Previous years, you did one winner from each store. Why one winner this year?
A: Well, many people didnt know we had two stores, so this was a good opportunity to get that message out. And, we increased the prize value, from a pre-selected Impreza,  to your choice of any model, up to $30,000 MSRP.  Big jump!

Q: How can I enter, and how many times can I enter?
A:  For those who want to drive, you can enter in person one time at each store, at Patriot Subaru in Saco, ME, or N. Attleboro, MA by filling out the registration form and putting it in the box.  You can also enter online via the website. Each store's website has its own online registration site:   Saco      North Attleboro
    However, you are limited to only one entry online, so if you register online at Saco, you can not enter online at North Attleboro, and vice versa. 

Q: Is it free?
There is no purchase necessary. However, nothing is ever completely "free", so we never say "Win A Free Car". Patriot Subaru is giving away one car from its inventory to the winner, and that part is free.  Then the government has its say, and it is beyond our control.  If you choose a car with a $30,000 MSRP,  the government says you just received a nice boost to your income. Depending on your tax bracket, you may owe income tax on the prize.  That goes for anything, whether you win the lottery, a horse race, or bingo!  We clearly state that the winner is responsible for all applicable state and federal taxes. 
In accordance with the state laws of the winner, Patriot Subaru will collect the appropriate taxes and registration fees on behalf of the state. They are to be paid by the Prize Winner at time of delivery. 

This is why we added a 48 Hour "Decision Period" so the winner can consult with their tax attorney or financial planner.  It is still an amazing deal to win the car, but the winner needs to understand any tax implications.  Patriot Subaru can not provide any tax or personal finance consultation.

Patriot Subaru receives no compensation or financial support from a third party. In some contests, a company may buy an insurance policy in case they have to pay off, or actually give something of value away.  Not here.  Patriot essentially buys the car from Subaru, and is giving it away to the winner.  Patriot receives nothing from any collected taxes or registration fees.

Q: What if I win and opt for a vehicle with an MSRP of $20,000. Do I get the difference in cash?
A: Sorry folks, it's just the one car we're giving away, not cash.  Any difference between the MSRP of the car selected by the winner and $30,000 is not compensated in any manner, be it cash, credit, services, parts, etc.

Q: Why would I select a car with a lower MSRP?

A: Maybe it's a lifestyle choice.  Each model in the Subaru family has unique characteristics.  Also, you may opt for a model with a lower MSRP because it might carry a lower insurance cost, a lower tax charge, lower registration fee. It all depends on your personal situation.  Choice is good!

Q: What if the car I want is not "in-stock"?

A: The promotion stipulates that you can choose from a car that is in-stock, a decision we made so that the event has closure. Between the two stores, we'll conservatively estimate there will be 200+ vehicles in stock with an MSRP under $30,000.  The selection will be great.  However, some models, the BRZ in particular, often is not carried with much volume. It is possible that there could be no BRZ's in stock at this time of year. As a sporty car with a niche market, we do not sell many during the winter months.

Q: Will my name be on a mailing list, filling my mailbox, or email?  
We promised no games, no gimmicks.  We do not use your contact information for any other purpose than this contest, so we will not be sending you any additional advertising materials. Patriot will not sell or loan your contact information to any other entity.  The most we will do is send you an email the following year to inform you that we're doing the event again.

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