At Patriot Subaru in Saco, Maine, we believe that the season of giving shouldn't just be during the holidays. That's why we created our 12 Weeks of Giving campaign, an initiative that supports local charities and community non-profits in our area, 12 months a year. To help channel our giving, we  identify programs and initiatives that support healthy communities and bright futures.  After all, we are only as strong as the community we serve.

In 2021, we donated $16,800 through this program and plan to continue in 2022.

During the first week of every month, we set aside $25 for every vehicle sold during the donation week. We will double the donation if the purchaser lives in the zip code where the organization is located.

Patriot believes that local non-profits work hard to  improve people's lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. We saw how they unite individuals and organizations around a shared vision, working to improve the education, financial stability, and health for all citizens.  They embody the Patriot Mission Statement: "To Serve", and we are proud to be able to provide them with a bit of exposure as well as financial support.

July 2022 Charity: SeedMoney - Funding for food gardens


July is a good growing month in Maine, so let's go gardening with some help from SeedMoney. SeedMoney is a Scarborough, Maine nonprofit that helps vulnerable people and communities to start and sustain healthy and sustainable food garden projects. Their program offers school gardens, community gardens and other nonprofits crowdfunding opportunities and garden grants. The program started in 2003 under the name Kitchen Gardens International, KGI built an online community of 40,000 gardeners from 120 countries. In 2015 the focus shifted to running a traditional mini-grants program, but with requests from all 50 states and 30 countries, the model had to be upgraded. The program now utilizes challenge grants to leverage donations from individuals. The organization has earned Guidestar's highest Platinum rating for commitment to transparency and measurable results. SeedMoney creates more worthy food garden projects than ever before thereby allowing them to feed and reach more people in need in their communities. Patriot is looking to learn more, and will be donating $25 for every vehicle sold between July 5-9 to SeedMoney to support their worthy endeavors!

June 2022 Charity: Equality Community Center


Our June recipient of our Patriot Subaru "12 Weeks" is The Equality Community Center's workplace, 15 Casco Street, Portland.  Added bonus this time. First, Patriot Subaru raised $1325 from the sale of vehicles during the first week of June. Next, in support of June's Pride Month, Subaru of New England opted to chip in an additional $1000.  The ECC serve the LGBTQ+ community, striving to provide a safer and more inclusive gathering space while offering social and educational programming for all. The ECC currently houses EqualityMaine, MaineTransNet, PFLAG, Pride Portland!, and SAGE Maine, a program of EqualityMaine, Cross Cultural Community Service,Democracy Maine, and Khmer Maine. Their programs make a difference in the lives of thousands of LGBTQ+ people through advocacy, education, community events and support. Patriot Subaru extends its appreciation to the ECC, yet another organization working to make our community stronger, one day at a time! For our photo, we have Jackie Parker/Patriot Subaru, with ECC Board Members Carolyn Thomas and Betsy Smith, ECC Manager Chris O'Connor, Patriot Subaru Owner Adam Arens, and Subaru New England COO, Jeff Ruble.


May 2022 Charity: Friends of Casco Bay


Patriot Subaru paid a visit to the folks at the Friends of Casco Bay in South Portland, to present a $1225 donation from our May edition of our "12 Weeks of Giving" program. We met at the FOCB office down at the campus of SMCC, and learned a bit more about their good work to keep Casco Bay ecologically thriving. At the presentation we were welcomed by FOCB associates Sandy Marsters/President, Will Everitt/Interim Director, and Sarah Lyman/Community Engagement Coordinator. They provided us with some additional insight into their work, including the careful monitoring of environmental metrics and water quality, advocating for cleaner policies and business practices, and community events and volunteer programs. Patriot was well represented by Holly Pritchard, Erik Gatz, Andre Mercier, Imahdi Zagon, and Dan Walker. Thank you FOCB, we appreciate your work - the Bay has never looked better!


April 2022 Charity: Portland Gear Hub


Let's Bike! The Patriot Subaru "12 Weeks of Giving" program teamed up with the Portland Gear Hub for April 2022 edition, and we earned $1550 for their cause.  Pictured here - Ian O'Brien and Peter Fasulo from Patriot on the left and right, with Ainsley Dunsbar, Digary Lumpkin, and Sara Ramirez from the PGH in the center. What a fun program! The Hub's Mission is to get more youths and adults outside and active by increasing equitable access to affordable, reliable gear. They are powered by Ketcha Outdoors, a 501c3 Youth Organization, and staffed year round by volunteers. Biking is one component, but the team also accepts donations of cross country ski gear, camping equipment, winter apparel, and more. (Yes, you can donate!) It has grown every year since starting in 2017, with over 200 people earning bikes at no cost in 2021. Every donation and purchase you make helps to get more of our community safely out on bikes thru their "Bikes For All Mainers" and "Kids Bike Party" earn-a-bike programs. Healthy living, exercise, and having fun are essential for both physical and mental health, and that's good for everyone. It was great to visit their facility in Portland at 155 Washington Street. A great addition to the neighborhood!

March 2022 Charity: Portland Trails


For March, our "12 Weeks of Giving" went for a walk with Portland Trails!  From March 7-12, Patriot Subaru raised $1825 from our total vehicle sales, earmarked for "PT".  We met up with PT's Alison Violette and LIndsay Conrad, down on the Eastern Prom, at the beginning of one of their seaside trails. With roots dating back to 1976, Portland Trails began in earnest in 1991 as a non-profit urban land trust. The vision is to provide Greater Portland with a network of walking, hiking, and bike riding trails that promote healthier living and a better connected community.  Today, the 70+ mile trail and green space network in Portland, Westbrook, South Portland, and Falmouth supports active outdoor lifestyles, serving as a valued amenity for residents as well as property owners. All kinds of eco-friendly trails, from woodland escapes to multi-purpose pathways are free to all. A lot goes into your walk in the woods, and that is the work of 1000 members and many volunteers serving as trail stewards who walk the trails, fixing, cleaning, and reporting issues. Thank you Portland Trails for providing and maintaining this wonderful resource for our local residents, and visitors to our area. Flanking Alison and Lindsay on the left, Service Techs Malcolm Emmons and Eric Rubino, with Paul Hall, Ruger, and John Boucher on the right. Happy trails with #PortlandTrails!


February 2022 Charity: South Portland Food Cupboard


Patriot Subaru's February recipient for our "12 Weeks of Giving" program took us to the South Portland Food Cupboard. There we met the team led by Executive Director Dwayne Hopkins and Warehouse Coordinator Jim Welch.  Patriot associates Holly Pritchard, Andre Mercier, and Erik Gatz presented a check of $1575 earned between Feb 7-12, and then took a tour of the facility.  It is amazing how they turn that amount of money into being able to feed 63 families for a month. It happens because it's run by hard-working volunteers who relentlessly track down quality resources for food, produce and personal care items. and then package and prepare it for the people who need these life resources. Cheerful volunteers are in full gear , no matter the weather or day. Support them with a contribution, or volunteer your time, you will be rewarded with smiles, and often tears of appreciation. 130 Thadeus Street, South Portland. We learned a lot. We salute the South Portland Food Cupboard, a true community leader. #FoodPantry #LovePromise

January 2022 Charity: Rotary Club of Portland, Maine


We began our 2022 "12 Weeks of Giving" program by teaming up with the Rotary Club of Portland, Maine, and providing a $1000 donation to their charitable program. The Rotary is meeting by zoom right now as January saw an uptick in pandemic cases, but the club was enthusiastic in thanking Patriot for the contribution. Zoom Wave! "Service Above Self" is the Rotary motto, and clubs worldwide endeavor to provide both financial as well as much needed "hands-on" support to the needs of their local community. At the Portland Rotary, the local programs are multi-faceted, from preparing and serving meals at neighborhood soup kitchens, collecting and distributing backpacks with essentials to those in need, supporting local literacy programs, green initiatives, mentoring youth, and many more. On an international level, Portland Rotary members have traveled abroad with their professional skills to implement programs for hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, water filtration systems, and more. Rotary welcomes all who are willing to volunteer their time, effort, and abilities to help and assist others. FMI Portland Rotary