At Patriot Subaru in Saco, Maine, we believe that the season of giving shouldn't just be during the holidays. That's why we created our 12 Weeks of Giving campaign, an initiative that supports local charities and community non-profits in our area, 12 months a year. To help channel our giving, we  identify programs and initiatives that support healthy communities and bright futures.  After all, we are only as strong as the community we serve.

In the first two years, the program generated $33,250 that went back into local community charitable programs.

During the first week of every month, we set aside $25 for every vehicle sold during the donation week. We will double the donation if the purchaser lives in the zip code where the organization is located.

Patriot believes that local non-profits work hard to  improve people's lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. We saw how they unite individuals and organizations around a shared vision, working to improve the education, financial stability, and health for all citizens.  They embody the Patriot Mission Statement: "To Serve", and we are proud to be able to provide them with a bit of exposure as well as financial support.

March 2023: Fetching Hope Rescue


Patriot Subaru is synonymous with "dog lovers" so we never stray too far from ways to participate with helping pet adoption centers. So from March 6-11, Patriot will put it's "12 Weeks of Giving" program power into play for "Fetching Hope Rescue", a non-profit 501c3 organization founded in 2012 by April Scott and Amber Oleson out of Westbrook. Since that time, over 900 dogs have been rescued and united with new homes. Fetching Hope is dedicated to rescuing Southern dogs and uniting them with loving families in the NorthEast. Our connection started when current FHR Program Director Alissa Laitres was visiting Patriot Subaru. Our sales associate Rob Wells recommended to our team that we look at FHR as a recipient for our 12 Weeks program. We saw the good work that they were doing, and are glad to feature them as our March recipient. Currently Fetching Hope has 6 active foster homes in Maine and 1 in Vermont. The group is actively seeking to add more foster homes, transport drivers, and adoption event volunteers. FMI you can visit their Facebook page, or website at

February 2023: Westbrook Families Feeding Families


For the month of February 2023 we returned to the charitable organization that was our very first 12 Weeks of Giving recipient back in January 2021.  Westbrook Families Helping Families!  Patriot sales associate Imahdi Zagon delivered a check for $1550 to the founder and director, Sue Salisbury to their storage/pantry center in the Westbrook Market facility, 28 Stroudwater Street. WFFF's stated goal is to make sure families have the food they need to stay healthy, active, engaged members of this community. There is no greater way to show love than helping a neighbor in need. WFFF continues to grow, serving 30+ families each week, with 60-80+ bags of non-perishable groceries. Check in with their Facebook page current/ seasonal hours at the Pantry, and consider making a donation - every dollar received goes to the purchase of food. Since starting about 14 years ago, organizer Sue Salisbury has seen the program grow from out of her garage, to about 750 square feet of storage space donated by the Westbrook Market. We love the way organizations step up to help others in the community. Truly the essence of neighbors helping neighbors!

January 2023: Friends of Long Creek Youth


Patriot Subaru kicked off our 3rd year of our "12 Weeks of Giving" monthly program, designed to support and highlight a community-based local charity that helps us all grow a little stronger. January brought us to the "Friends of Long Creek Youth Development" (FOLC), an independent 501c3 all-volunteer organization that works with the Maine Department of Corrections and other non-profits to provide Maine's most vulnerable youth with educational tools, resources, and support they need to successfully transition back into the community and adult life. From our sales between Jan 2-7 Patriot donated $1125 to FOLC. Funds go to programs such as vocational training, a key part of a successful transition back into the community. FOLC provides Juvenile Community Correction Officers with ways to reach out to youth who are "heading the wrong way" by providing movie tickets, fast food gift cards, sporting events, as a way to open lines of communication. While there are many issues and factors behind every situation, FOLC seeks to create a better path forward in the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of a young life. "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." Patriot Subaru supports this kind of thinking!