Patriot Express Buy

The smart, easy way to online shopping for your next car. 

Your time is valuable. By using the tools provided with Patriot Express Buy program, you can save yourself hours of waiting at the store by having the time-consuming steps of Customize your payments, value your trade, apply for financing, schedule a test drive -  all from your computer or phone.

You can choose to do one step, or all four, depending on how far you want to take it.  Choose the tools that are most valuable to you. Each one provides information to help streamline the process at the dealership. By creating an account, you can start and save everything, then pick back up again when you are ready.  Start at work, finish at home. 

Get started by identifying the vehicle you are looking to buy. You'll see the bright blue Express Car Buying Box with the four tools ready for use.  When you've completed what you wanted, come in and we can complete the transaction.  Drive home with your new car! 

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