Turning in Your Leased Subaru Vehicle

Patriot Subaru is happy to help you with everything you need to know to prepare for the end of your Subaru lease. You have several options when your lease is coming to an end. You can turn in your Subaru, turning your Subaru and lease a new one, purchase your leased Subaru outright, or, in some cases, extend the lease on your existing Subaru.

If you are turning in your leased Subaru - whether outright or if you're leasing a new one - you'll. need to perform the following steps:

Pre-Turn in Inspection:

About 45 days before your lease ends, you will need to schedule a courtesy pre-inspection of your leased vehicle. NOTE: You can ask for a courtesy inspection at any time, but keep in mind that any pre-inspection expires after 60 days. 

The courtesy pre-inspection will include a review of the wear and use of your vehicle so you are notified and aware of ay potential lease-end costs beyond the disposition fees outlines in your lease. The report is not a bill and will not include any dollar amounts for repairs. 

Estimate of Excess Wear and Use

Shortly after the pre-inspection, you'll receive and estimate of the charges for Excess Wear and Use. This shows how much it would cost to repair the excess ear and use shown on the pre-inspection report. This information will help you decide if it's in your best interest to repair any of the items before turning in your Subaru. 

Remember, the first $1,000 of Wear and Use charges from your estimate and final bill is subtracted, if applicable See your lease contract for additional details and exclusions. If you choose to make repairs to to your vehicle, contact Patriot Subaru or Subaru Motor Finance before returning the vehicle. We'll verify the repairs and apply any appropriate credits to your final end-if-lease bill. 

If you need assistance with your pre-inspection report or estimate, please let us know. 

Return Your Lease Subaru

If you choose to return your leased Subaru, contact Patriot Subaru at Sales 207-284-7900 in advance to arrange for the return. 

On the day you turning your leased Subaru, remember to remove al your personal items from the vehicle - and don't forget the items in the trunk! Make sure the owners's manual is in the glove box and you have both sets of keys that you will need to turn in. 

Federal law requires that you disclose the actual mileage on your vehicle when the lease is over. When you turn in your vehicle, you will be asked to sign an Odometer Statement. 

Not that when you turn in your Subaru, you will also be responsible for any other amounts due under your lease, such as past due payments, late charges, sales or use taxes, and/or unpaid parking or traffic citations billed to your account. 

Are you considering turning in your leased car early? You can choose to return your vehicle early, but you many owe an early termination charge depending on your lease terms. This fee can be substantial, so make sure you understand your options. If you have any questions, please contact Subaru Motor Finance. 

After you return your leased vehicle, you must contact Subaru Motor Finance Lease-end department at 866-401-9743 within one day to provide them your turn-in information. 

Purchase Your Subaru or Extending Your Lease

At lease end, you may choose to purchase your Subaru outright by paying the purchase options and disposition fee amounts found in your lease agreement. Please be aware that you may be responsible for additional title, license fees and taxes. 

Contact Patriot Subaru at Sales 207-284-7900 to learn more about your lease-end options and how you can purchase your leased vehicle. You can also request a payoff quote or a estimate of total costs. 

Are you interested in extending your current Subaru lease? Once you're in the final 180 days of your lease, contact Patriot Subaru  or Subaru Motor Finance to learn more about extending your current lease and the lease-end options available to you at the end of the extension. 

Regardless of what you decide to do at lease end, Patriot Subaru is happy to help. Please feel free to contact us at Sales 207-284-7900 with any questions or concerns regarding your lease, and for more information on leasing or buying a new Subaru. 
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I purchase my leased vehicle?
    Yes! You can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease

Can I negotiate the purchase price of my vehicle?
    We do not negotiate the purchase price as you are bound by your signed Lease Agreement. Any negotiations regarding the purchase would need to take place     at the retailer prior to signing your Lease Agreement. 

What is included in the purchase price?
    See your Lease Agreement for the agreed upon value of the vehicle and the purchase options fee. Please note that even after you terminate your lease, you     may be billed for remaining property taxes, parking ticked, toll charges and other state or local fees due on your account. 

How long will it take to process the purchase?
    If all necessary documentation is received, it may take a minimum of 4 business days from when the purchase funds are posted to process the transaction and     mail the certificate of title. 

When does my payoff quote expire?
    Refer to the documentation provided when the quote was received to confirm the "good through" date. 

Is a pre-inspection required?
    No, the pre-inspection is optional. See Wear and Use for additional information. 

Will I be charged for modifications or upgrades to my vehicle?
    You may be charged for modifications or upgrades to your vehicle. Your Lease Agreement states that you will not modify the vehicle without our prior written         permission. 
    Any accessories, equipment or parts installed in or on the vehicle become our property and part of the vehicle regardless of whether we gave you our written        permission. 

I purchased a tire replacement product when I signed my lease, Do i need to use it before I turn in my vehicle?
    Yes. If you purchased an extended warranty or other optional products from the retailer at time of lease, it is your responsibility to use the benefits before you r        return the vehicle. 

Is it worth buying at the end of a lease?
    If your car's market value is less than the buyout price, it typically isn't a good idea to buy it.