Meet the Women in Automotive at Patriot Subaru

An Essential Look at Women in Automotive History

Before we tip our hats to the incredible women on our team, let's take a moment to acknowledge the innovation of women in automotive technology who have made cars everything they are today.

  • The Invention Of Brakes - We owe the invention of brake pads to none other than Bertha Benz. While her husband Carl was interested in making things go and subsequently go faster, it took the insights of a woman to point out that it might be a good idea to be able to stop. On a road trip with her children, Bertha's maternal instincts kicked in when she observed the vehicle's safety systems to be appallingly inadequate. Thanks to Mrs. Benz & her innovative leather brake pads, everything we've come to know about safety arguably started with her.

  • Let There Be Heat - It won't take long to notice a theme among women in automotive history. Men would think of something. And a women's touch added thoughtfulness. We're no stranger to cold-weather in our neck of the woods, and we can thank Margaret Wilcox for the patented invention of an interior heater. Martha's design, which draws heat from warmed engine coolant into the cabin, has gone relatively unchanged for nearly 130 years.

  • Travel Lanes - It took about 40 years after the invention of the automobile for someone to have the brilliant idea that the road should be organized into travel lanes. A painted white line down the center of every roadway became California law. We can thank June McCarroll and her near-death experience with an on-coming truck (driven by a man) for this one!

  • The GPS - Pop quiz: How many men stop and ask for directions? We'd all be lost at sea if it wasn't for Naval Weapons Engineer Gladys West and her pioneering work to create SeaSat — the first earth-orbiting satellite. This system would see several revisions and later applications that we now enjoy in our vehicles.

Women in the automotive industry have played a significant role since the beginning, but now it's time for us to honor four of the ladies who improve our lives here, from operations to customer experiences.

We Salute Our Women in Automotive at Patriot

Tanya Grace

Tanya is our Customer 1st Service Representative. There isn't anyone on our staff who understands the emotional connection to a Subaru vehicle better than she does. Her Subaru vehicle saved her life several years ago when a drunk driver t-boned her. Since then, Tanya has become a Subaru Brand Ambassador without equal. She works tirelessly to enhance that brand connection for other Subaru drivers with everything from service scheduling to managing warranty claims in our service department & more. Thank you, Tanya!

Brandis Fleming Gonzalez

Brandis is living proof that you can create any opportunity that you'd like for yourself while working here. Having started in reception, she's spent over seven years with us, positively impacting our culture in just about every department. Her enthusiasm for the brand is infectious, and you'll love seeing her dedication in action as our Service Express Advisor. Brandis embodies the Subaru brand value of love as you can see that she loves everything about being here. She's an inspiration to all of us. Thanks, Brandis!

Holly Pritchard

If you're looking to get to know the Subaru brand, you've got to know our friend Holly. She's been a faithful Subaru driver for the better part of 16 years, and one of her earliest Subaru vehicles had over 260,000 miles on it before moving on to a newer model. Holly is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, and no one can show off a Subaru vehicle's capabilities quite like she can. You can count on her to be an expert on all things Subaru-related, as we rely on her daily. Thanks, Holly!

Jackie Parker

Every detail matters, and no one can handle the requirements of our Internet Sales Manager position quite like Jackie. With a background in hospitality and management, Jackie knows what it means to connect with the customer and build the kind of trust that turns into customer loyalty. Her commitment to satisfaction is without equal, and our guests often cite how her enthusiasm is felt through email engagement. We're lucky to have her on board. After all, she refused job offers from us several times before finally saying yes. 14 incredible years later, Jackie is proof that meaningful automotive careers for women are possible. Thanks for being the core of so much that we do, Jackie!

Will You Join Our Team of Women in Automotive?

We dedicate this page to the past, present, and future women in automotive who will undoubtedly raise the standard in everything from products to service and beyond. If you're interested in careers and employment opportunities, we enthusiastically invite you to email us or fill out an application. We're in the midst of a massive shift in the automotive industry, and we need talented visionaries to carry the torch forward. If you feel like this is you, please email us & let us know.

Alternatively, talk to Tanya, Brandis, Holly, Jackie, or any of our other teammates when you bring your Subaru vehicle for service. Schedule a service appointment today and join us to accelerate our best practices for tomorrow.