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Leadership and Vision

Adam Arens
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

My family and I are active community members and we are driven to serve.  We are fortunate enough to have our hands in many charities and businesses. While I did not grow up in New England, we have been here since 2003. I have been in the automobile business since 1981 (after college), I have two children who are grown adults, as well as a granddaughter and daughter in law (in Newton). We love getting to know our customers and our team, and look forward to seeing you!

Love, Serve, Care.   Adam

Brian Beattie
Store Leadership
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 11/03/2003
Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2003
I love football and I'm a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers. I am originally from Sanford but have lived in Westbrook for the last 28 years with my lovely wife Patty. I have 3 daughters, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 10 chickens! My oldest daughter is married and living in Virginia, my middle daughter is a senior at USM studying criminology, and my youngest daughter is a sophomore in high school AND a new driver so you should be aware! As you can see, my family LOVES animals! I've been with Patriot Subaru since the day we opened and can't see myself working anywhere else. I look forward to seeing you at Patriot Subaru in the future.

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Customer Service and Sales

David Shoemaker
Customer Service and Sales Lead
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-854-3090


Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2006

Google me:  #yourmagicmaker   #dealingwithdave   #subarushoe

Hello, I have been apart of the Patriot Subaru family since July of 2006.  I moved up to Maine from just outside of Hartford, CT to be closer to my beautiful daughter Kelaya, and have since added another beautiful daughter, Blakely.  We have two rescue dogs, Cassieopia and Andromeda, Cassi and Roma for short, as well as a rescue cat named Haley.  I have lived in Saco since 2012 and love the area, out in the woods, yet close to everything to satisfy the city in me.  All my friends and family drive Subaru's, with the Patriot Eagle on the back of cars from TX, CO, AK, CT, MA, PA, and NJ.   There is no distance too great for family and friends, and no better feeling to know that they trust me enough to take care of them, all being bought sight unseen.  With a daughter in college and the other approaching grade school, we are navigating these unprecedented times with care and a drive to make people's situations better.   Come and say hi, I am what they call a lifer, and have been serving generations now for their car buying experience.   Come and see for yourself what kind of Magic we can make! 

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Luis Perez
Customer Service and Sales
1 (844) 972-8746

Started: 7/27/2018

I have over 13 years in auto sales experience. I enjoy art of all different kinds. Learning to get and stay healthy. You can usually find me in a local 5K/10K on the weekends.

Corey Creteau
Customer Service and Sales
Corey's Phone: 207-710-2717 Store: 207-284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 10/19/2006

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2006

Google me:  #goseethegoatee

I live in Saco, Maine and grew up in Sanford and North Berwick.  After high school I went to the University of Tampa to study business management.  I spent 7 years in Florida but decided that Maine was the place I wanted to settle down in.  I am married to my wonderful wife Karen and we had our first child, Anna, in July of 2014, and our second, Robbie, in June of 2019.  Fatherhood is way better than I imagined.  We have a rescued Aussie/ Boxer named Luna, and we are most definitely dog people.  Don't forget, you can bring your pup with you when you come to Patriot!

Karen and I enjoy spending time camping, fishing, gardening, or just enjoying the outdoors.  Karen drives a 2019 Forester and I have a 2020 STi. Together, they are the best of both worlds.  I have always been interested in cars and I have owned Subarus before I worked for them.  I joined Patriot in 2006, and it has been a great place to work. I enjoy using my knowledge of the car business to help people make one of the biggest purchases they will make. Even if your needs direct you to buy elsewhere, I am very happy to help you find the information you need. Let me know what I can do to help. 

Please check out Corey's reviews on

Matt Rieders
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Find me on:
Instagram #mattmakesiteasy 
Facebook @mattmakesiteasy207

Started: 7/02/2012
I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Patriot Subaru family since the summer of 2012. I currently live in Portland but you'll find me knee deep in a brook, or out in my kayak searching for my next trout, bass or striper! After a long day on the water or at work, I enjoy kicking back with a cold craft beer from one of our many talented breweries. 

Subaru is a brand that I am passionate about and trust. Both my sisters and mother drive Foresters and I myself drive an Outback - with a kayak on top of course.

From Maine's natural beauty to all the delicious food and beers available all over our great state,  I am always looking to find the next great spot or share some of my favorites.  Don't be shy - stop by and say hello. I hope to see you soon!

Mike Avery
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900 

Started: 2/14/2013

Welcome! I have been a member of the Patriot Subaru Sales Team since Valentine's Day of 2013. Following 4 plus years of American Embassy security guard duty in Belgium and Tanzania, NATO, with the United States Marine Corps, I have been in the import and luxury vehicle sales industry since 1983.

I reside in Gorham with my daughter Gianna, who is a USM attendee. Gianna is also full-time equestrian,training and showing New England wide with her pride and joy, Karma. With scheduling and monetary support from Patriot Subaru, we are fortunate to be able to volunteer and support local horse rescues. We also have a Boxer named Hazel.  We enjoy maximizing the opportunities offered by our local beaches with dog adventures, surfing, or just sea glass hunting.

I am proud to represent Patriot Subaru, and offer our top-rated AWD model line-up. Please visit for any automotive need, whether it's for a new Subaru, something from our ever-expanding pre-owned inventory, or just for information and advice. I love what I do... and I'm here for YOU!

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Tony Roberts
Customer Service and Sales
Local 294-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 11/26/2010

Mike MacDonald
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 4/22/2013

I grew up in Camden, Maine and now live in Saco with my wife Jen, our son Owen, cat Jack, and dog Lucy. Prior to joining the Patriot staff I played professional Baseball. After nine years of traveling and playing, nothing beats the state of Maine. I retired from baseball in 2013 and have been at Patriot Subaru ever since. If I am not at the dealership, you can find me doing anything baseball related, or just enjoying outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, hiking, or skiing.
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Dustin Kimball
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 11/16/2015
I have been fortunate to return to Patriot Subaru in 2015 after 10 years of pursuing other goals. Born and raised in Sanford, Maine, currently residing in the same town with my wife and five children (4 girls, 1 boy) a dog, two cats and two rabbits!  Educationally I attended the University of Southern Maine from 1998-2002 for Business Administration and Criminology. I had the privilege of playing baseball while at USM.   I would then move on to the University of Maine, Orono, where in the fall of 2017 I attained a bachelor's degree in Leadership Studies.  It's great to be part of the team here at Patriot, and making the process of purchasing a car a fun and enjoyable experience. Check out my reviews!   #dealwithdustin

Ian O'Brien
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 10/09/2017
I am a Maine Transplant from Pennsylvania but I have family roots in Bangor/Hampden. Subarus have always been a passion of mine since my first car was a 1997 Impreza wagon. The majority of my free time is spent with my dogs  Kacey (Husky Shepard mix) and Pearson (mix between energy and chaos). They keep me going, it is never a dull moment with them around. I love every aspect of my job, from meeting a bunch of new people to asking questions to make sure you end up with the right car for you and your family! To stay updated with what is new with Subaru and Patriot Subaru feel free to
Follow my Instagram - @buyinfromobrien

Rob Wells
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 5/07/2018
My name is Rob Wells and am a recent addition to the Patriot Subaru sales team. Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors, such as hiking, camping, and kayaking. I also love the freedom of riding my motorcycle on Maine's winding, twisting roads! During the summer I play shortstop on a men's softball team and take great pride in snagging a hot shot up the middle and turning double plays. I like alternative rock, rap, and country music. I like watching comedies and action movies as well as all kinds of sports on tv. GO SOX!! My favorite food is steak and taters! Friends and family are very important to me and enjoy being around them as much as possible! I am not currently in a relationship and only have a fish to take care of.

Sara Elsberry
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Hello!  My name is Sara, and prior to joining Patriot Subaru I worked in the restaurant industry with positions of bartending and management.  Now that I am with the Patriot family, I don't think i could have chosen a better place to learn and grow with the guidance of such a wonderful and dedicated staff.

i moved to Portland, Maine in 2012 from Washington state, which is where I spent most of my childhood.  I also spent time in Oregon and Alaska.

Most of my free time is spent outdoors exploring the Northeast, or being with people I love. I am excited to be in this automotive adventure, and I look forward to many years of happy customers!

Holly Pritchard
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Hello, my name is Holly Pritchard, and I am thrilled to have joined the Patriot Subaru Team in January 2021. I grew up in Western North Carolina, and have resided in Southern Maine since September 2016. 

I have owned four Subarus over the past 16 years, one having over 263,000 miles when I sold her. I am a firm believer in the safety, reliability, and durability of the Subaru brand. To me, their practicality and functionality are unparalleled. 

I use my Subaru Outback to haul Antiques and collectibles that I sell in a local booth, to carry snowboards and tackle snowy mountain roads, and to spend summer afternoons at Mousam Lake with my partner, Sean, and our two dogs Spartan and Oscar. 

It would be a pleasure to help you and your family purchase a vehicle that I believe in so much. Allow me to welcome you to the Subaru family!

Josh Williamson
Customer Service and Sales
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Hi! My name is Josh and I currently live in Scarborough.  I am originally from the finger lakes region of New York state. In my time off I enjoy spending time outdoors, going snowboarding, playing lacrosse, and kayaking. I am also a huge dog lover and have a 7 year old chocolate Lab named Rocky who loves hiking and swimming!

I look forward to serving our customers and our community for many years to come!  I hope to meet you soon and help welcome you to the Patriot Subaru family!   #Lovespets  #LovestheEarth


Customer Service - New/Used Vehicle Information Specialists

Jackie Parker
Customer Service Internet Lead
Local: 207-284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 10/02/2008
Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2008

I've been part of the Patriot Subaru team since 2008 and absolutely love the awesome group of people I get to work with every day.  The family atmosphere we've built here is one I'm thrilled to be a part of.

My wife Jen and I have two daughters, Gracie and Eden. We're doing the best we can to have as much fun as possible with them before they're gown up - which is already happening way too quickly! We love to go to outdoor music events with our kids as well as spending time at the beach, local farms, and hanging out with our friends and family.
We have 2 adopted cats, Charlemagne and Pippin who recently came to live with us. Charlie adopted baby pip in the shelter and they were inseparable so now they share our chaotic home!
We are a 2 Subie family as well - I drive a 2010 Forester and Jen hauls the whole family around in our 2016 Outback!
I look forward to meeting you and helping with your automotive needs here at Patriot Subaru.

Check out Jackie's Reviews on Dealerrater.
Jackie's done numerous videos for Patriot Subaru. Check them out!

Kaz Bell
Customer Service Internet
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 6/30/2014
Hey- I'm Kaz and I've been with Patriot Subaru since July of 2014.  This has been my first experience working in a dealership, but I've been in Customer Service since 2008. My favorite part about working in the automotive industry is being able to help people. I find that we are more in the business of helping than selling and I'm here to help with your research prior to a purchase. 

I am a Mainer from birth and have never lived in any other state. I grew up in the greater Portland area and now reside close to Sebago Lake with my husband, son,sister, and mini Schnauzer- Rex!  We enjoy spending family time playing board games, visiting with other family members and hanging out by the lake in the summer.  Both my husband and I drive Subarus and we love them. We have experienced ownership of a Forester, Legacy, Crosstrek, and Outback. I am always happy to help or share insight on our experience with Subaru.

Thanks for spending some time to get know me a bit. We hope to hear from you at Patriot Subaru soon!

Dylan Mountain
Customer Service Internet
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 2/24/2020
Originally from Presque Isle, ME.  Started in the car business out of high school in reconditioning, eventually into photography, and then sales.  I currently work in the internet department here at Patriot Subaru. If you need pricing on a vehicle, or would like to confirm availability, I can help!  When I have the time, I enjoy going into camp, and always like visiting Northern Maine.  I enjoy traveling to Canada, recently to Toronto and Ottawa. I've been to Newfoundland - which is awesome!

Will Ives
Customer Service Internet
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Originally from the Mid-Coast, I come from a large family and look forward to enjoying large social gatherings again someday soon!  I have lived in greater Portland since 2017, and enjoy traveling, music festivals, and meeting new people.  My hobbies include gardening, fishing, boating, and watersports!


Customer Service and Lender Relations

Tim Bennett
Customer Service and Lender Relations
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 2/05/2020

Bobby Valle
Customer Service and Lender Relations
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Steven Saucier
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Teryn Austin
Finance Assistant
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900


Customer Service Genius

Hayes Estrella
Customer Service Genius
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 5/20/2019

I am a huge sports fan, I love to follow the Celtics, Bruins, & the Patriots. Being around people and playing sports is where I find myself most comfortable. In my free time the gym is my go to, this is a place where I can better myself and listen to music. During the fall and spring months I am in school at USM, studying marketing and international business for a double major. 

Fun Facts:

My hometown is Saco, Maine!

My favorite movie is Sandlot

Cullen Jackson
Customer Service Genius
Toll Free 1-800-284-7900

Samantha Bock
Customer Service Genius


Accounting and Office

Sarah Cummings
Accounting and Office Lead/Comptroller
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Cathy Cline
Accounting and Office
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/11/2017
My family and I live in Biddeford in my childhood home. I have two daughters, Brittany (13) and Ashley (11). Both girls are entering their sixth year of all-star cheerleading which is a year-round sport. They are also a part of the winter indoor track team, fall and winter school cheer programs and student leaders for their grades. The commitment to cheer however is a primary focus for our entire family, especially considering our cheer gym is a 45-minute drive and we are often there 4-5 days/nights a week. It has taken us on so many adventures traveling the United States to places we've never been and ending the season every year in Orlando, Florida where they even one a National Title!

When we aren't cheering (which is rare), you'll find us at home with our dog Gizmo, a 6-year-old Shih Tzu, enjoying some family board games, TV and baking projects. I enjoy being at Subaru as everyone here is family orientated with the same goal in mind, to do our job and make the community happy. I enjoy walking through the showroom and service waiting area, interacting with people, pets and babies. I love it so much I even have my daughters saying they want to work at Patriot one day. Something I certainly would support!

Stephanie Beal
Accounting and Office
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 2/05/2020
Born and raised in Saco, I've spent time living outside New England, but missed Maine too much to stay away. I attended the American and New England Studies Program at Boston University and enjoy learning about the social and cultural history of the United States. When I'm not crunching the numbers at Patriot Subaru, I like to spend time outside hiking, kayaking, swimming,and gardening whenever possible.  I consider Arcadia National Park the happiest place on earth!  When the weather won't permit it, I'm equally content inside with a book, comedy, or podcast in the company of my dog, Lily. I love music of all genres, and am currently learning to play piano - in what's left of my spare time!


Customer 1st Reception

Gina Theriault
Customer 1st Reception Lead
Local 294-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 5/28/2013

Hi, my name is Gina. I moved to southern Maine from Fort Kent in 2008. I graduated cosmetology school in 2007 and worked as a full-time hairstylist for 6 years. I decided to take a break from hair styling and joined the Patriot Subaru team in the summer of 2013. I've gained some amazing friendships while working at Patriot, they have become my second family.

Since working at Patriot, I've had the pleasure of driving two Subarus. I had a 2015 Legacy that I loved, but decided I needed a vehicle with a little more power. I now have a 2016 WRX and am looking forward to my next one!

In my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, go for walks on the beach and shopping. I adopted two very lively kittens in 2017, Oliver and Fiona. There is never a dull moment with those two, they constantly make me laugh.

Cindy Saillant
284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/16/2019

Kelsey Antonis
Customer 1st Reception

Started: 12/02/2019


Customer 1st Service

Paul Hall
Customer 1st Service Lead
Service Direct: 1-866-854-3091

Started: 7/16/2012

I live in Saco with my wife, two children and two dogs! I enjoy camping, fishing and canoeing in the summertime when I'm not on the disc golf course. I have ten years plus experience in the industry and look forward to helping you with all your service needs!

Check out Paul's reviews on

Glen Reed
Customer 1st Service Group Director
Service: 1-866-854-3091 Store 207-284-7900 or Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/08/2008

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2008

My wife Debbie and I were both raised in Scarborough, so buying a house there 21 years ago was an easy decision.  We have 2 children: Josh (19) and Zack (17), as well as a dog Sadie that was rescued from a shelter in Alabama.  In addition to being the Service Director for both of our Patriot Subaru locations, I am a member of the Scarborough Fire Department and currently serve as a Lieutenant for Engine 4 in Pine Point.  I am a member of the hazmat and extrication teams as well as a member of Scarborough Fire Department's water rescue team. During the warmer months, you can usually find me at our family's camp on Little Sebago Lake, on my 2006 Harley Softail Deluxe, or having a BBQ with my neighbors on our patio.  In the fall, Deb and I chase football games every week.  My oldest son is a college Sophomore at Maine Maritime Academy and is a lineman (#55) for the Mariners.  My youngest son Zack is a Junior at Scarborough High School and is an offensive lineman (#76) for their varsity team.    During the winter, we enjoy skiing and racing our radio control cars at Ray & Robin's Hobby Shop.  I have been working at Patriot since 2008 where I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing customers in the Subaru family.   

Please check out Glen's reviews on .

VIDEOS: Check out Glen on video! 
"The Juggler"
"Service Department Overview" 
"Spring Tune Up"
"Fall Tune Up"

"Patriot Subaru Mission Statement"

Zander Girondel
Customer 1st Service
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 6/13/2016
My fiancé Kaitlyn and I moved from Massachusetts to Maine 2 years ago and found a peaceful place on Highland Lake in Windham. Since then we've making small improvements that has made it our home. I enjoy riding my snowmobile in the winter and atv in the warmer months. We love to go kayaking and canoeing in the lake, trips to the beach, restaurants and exploring Maine. I've been in the automotive service business for 15 years and have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people in that time. I love working at Patriot Subaru for many reasons especially the culture of commitment to our customers that is always "do the right thing" which is a hard thing to find among car dealers. Please come to visit anytime. 

Stefanie Marcisso
Customer 1st Service
207-284-7900 or Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 12/08/2016

In 2010, I moved from the Midwest and have since created a wonderful life here in Maine. I am proud mother to two beautiful girls, Kiara and Maggie. I recently graduated from SMCC 5/2018 and am exploring the possibilities of my newly found free time! 

When I'm not at work you can find me outside at every opportunity. I enjoy hiking local trails, exploring tide pools, making sand castles, swimming, attending concerts, and going dancing. 

Here at Patriot, I run around the service drive clad in black with my green Subaru hat on. If you have any questions, please stop by, say hello, and let me help make your time here at Patriot Subaru a little smoother. 

Mindy Thorne
Customer 1st Service

Started: 8/06/2019

Aaron Smith
Customer 1st Service

Started: 2/10/2020

Trevor Chabinsky
Customer 1st Service

Adam Hall
Express Service Advisor
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-844-284-7900

Started: 7/01/2012

Hi, I'm Adam.  I joined the Patriot Subaru team in Spring of 2015 and began my role as a Subaru Product Genius in the Autumn of that year. I love my job and could not imagine a better job than my current one teaching people about their new cars!

I was born in Portland and moved to Saco after attending college.  Since then I have spent time working in the hospitality industry, building a family and working with my rescue dog, Coupe Deville, who like a classified advertisement "runs good, but needs a little TLC." While these keep me plenty busy, I also enjoy introducing my daughter to the Antique Car hobby which my father and I have been a part of since I was a toddler.

I encourage everyone to visit me at the dealership, I would love to show more of our customers how to get the most out of their vehicles.

Shania Antonis
Express Service Advisor

I'm Shania, named after Shania Twain of course!  I'm a self-taught artist - one of my favorite passions is tattoos and I love designing them as well. I have two fur babies. I've had my rescue dog, Willow, for 7 years, and my cat Lucy for 2 years.  On my free time I love watching movies and cooking. My specialty is homemade pizza, yum!  My boyfriend is a hard working technician here at Patriot Subaru too. I'm enjoying my job here, and my co-workers are amazing, always offering a warm welcome to all and full of helpful knowledge.

John Boucher
Customer 1st Service
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 8/15/2011

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2011

I am a Maine native born and raised in my hometown of Biddeford. I attended Brookdale Community College for Criminal Justice and served in the U.S. Air Force from 1966 - 1970 in the Vietnam Era. I have been married to my beautiful wife Ruth for 46 years, and together we have three children and five grandchildren. We also have a rescue pup named Flash who's just a big lover and lots of fun.

I have worked for many years in law enforcement as a Detective and Judicial Marshal. When not at work I enjoy woodworking, fishing, camping, collecting sport and NASCAR memorabilia and music. Fun fact: I played drums for 27 years with several bands in the state!

I'm a people person and love my job driving shuttle and doing whatever I can for the Patriot Family and dealership. I am always at your service and look forward to giving your pups a treat. See you soon! 

Brandis Fleming Gonzalez
Customer 1st Service Concierage
Service Direct: 1-866-854-3091

Started: 5/19/2014

Hey I'm Brandis! I joined the team four years ago this past May, and I can say I'm glad to be a part of the team! My time here so far has been an enjoyable one! I currently reside in Biddeford with my husband and three kids, 13 year and 10-month-old boys and a 11 year old girl. I'm originally from Brooklyn NY but I moved to Maine eight years ago looking for a better life and environment for me and my family. It's been quite an experience but one I would do it all over again as my family is very happy to be here in Maine! 

Malcolm Emmons
Express Service Team
Service Direct: 1-866-854-3091

Michelle Haltizer
Customer 1st Service Coordinator
Service: 1-866-854-3091 Store 207-284-7900 or Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 8/15/2011

I'm happy to be part of the Patriot Subaru Team and own 2 Subarus myself.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, walking and taking care of my cats and rescue rabbits.

Tanya Grace
Customer 1st Service Coordinator
Service: 1-866-854-3091 Store 877-733-1269 or Toll Free 1-866-284-7900


Service Technicians

Greg Turcotte
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Michael Drown
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/13/2005
Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2005

I am from Hollis Maine, but currently live in North Waterboro with my wife Amanda and son Russell.  I graduated from Bonny Eagle High School and furthered my education at U.T.I.,  where I studied everything from gas to diesel engines for 2 years.  I also completed 3 years in P.A.T.H.S auto, am ASE Certified and have achieved Subaru Master Certification.  My hobby's include fishing, hunting, racing, 4x4 trucks, Harleys, and camping.

Mike Loranger
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 8/12/2013

I love my job at Patriot and I currently drive a Subaru Baja.  When I am not working, I love to spend time with my dog Maya, my girlfriend Tira and I love to listen to live music.  Tira and I both race mountain bikes competitively. Most weekends we can be found traveling up and down the east coast, racing in the Eastern States Cup Enduro races.

Benen Davenport
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/01/2017

I drive a Subaru and love it. I have been working on cars since high school and I am a true gear head at heart. I also love muscle cars and drive a FireBird.

Scott Lambert
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 10/25/2010

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2011

My name is Scott Lambert, I'm a native of Saco, Maine, I live here with my wife Zina and my 4 dogs Cashew, Bella, Oscar, and Roxie; 3 Boxers and a Rottie. I've been working on cars for a living for the past 29 years and have achieved ASE Master tech status. I enjoy long rides on the Harley and restore old cars for a hobby.

Scott McClellan
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 1/09/2008

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2008

I grew up in Portland, and currently live in Saco. My wife Lisa and I have one boy named Miles. I enjoy family time, the ocean, kayaking, bicycling, cars, and working on my house.  I attended Wyoming Technical Institute for automotive studies. I have been a technician since 1991 and have continued my education through Subaru of New England. I am an ASE Master Technician. I am proud of this dealership and enjoy contributing to its success.

Nate Varney
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/24/2018
Hello! My name is Nate and I am from Westbrook, Maine. I am a competitive dart player. I travel most of the east coast to compete in Dart Tournaments. My goal is to make the Top Ten in the United States and compete nationally. I love spending time with my wide and grandson (little man).

Fun Facts!
My favorites: Tombstone / For the Love of the Game / Bull Durham
Band I listened to in HS: Queen, AC/DC, Metallica
I love Patriot Subaru Because: The people and the culture

Brian Daigle
Service Technician
Local 294-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Jake Labonte
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 10/08/2018
I drive a 2015 Subaru BRZ drift car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway every month! C'mon down and ride along! I also like to play golf in my spare time and I can always be found down at the beach in OOB!

Tom Letellier
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/03/2012
I've have been a part of the Patriot Subaru team since 2012.  I was born and raised in Saco, Maine.  My wife and I live in Limerick and have 6 children.  I like to play guitar and go fishing. 

Shane Hawley
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 9/24/2018

Josh Beaudoin
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 6/13/2016

I am a die hard Subaru enthusiast that owns two WRXs and I love working at Patriot Subaru. When I am not working at Patriot, you will usually find me working on one of my cars at home, attending autocross races, hill climbs and watching rally racing.  Hope to see you at the next Subaru event!

Alex Parechanian
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 5/22/2017

Johnny Mallia
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 8/26/2019
Hey There!

My name is Johnny and I am from Limington, Maine. It is my first time working with Subaru and I'm super excited to be part of the team here at Patriot. Some fun facts about me are: My favorite band in High School was The Offspring, I love the movie John Q, and I am a dog fan!

Jonah Maskell
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Jesse Lewis
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Nate Hendricks
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Gage Grant
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Jason Tracey
Service Technician
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900


Customer Service Parts

Shawn Walsh
Customer Service Parts
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 4/02/2018

Greg Brown
Customer Service Parts Lead
Parts: 1-866-854-3088 Store:207-284-7900 or Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

Started: 11/03/2003

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2003

My wife Tracey and I are enjoying our home of 2 years in North Saco. We have expanded our pet menagerie over that time. We still have Saylor, a terrier mix, who occasionally comes to work here at Patriot, and loves meeting people and getting a treat or two along the way. We Recently adopted a lab mix from Puerto Rico, named Mozart, but we call him Mo. He is a wonderful dog. We also adopted a cat named Annabelle, she is 3 years old and a sweet, sweet cat. I also built a Chicken Coop and we have 6 chickens who typically lay more eggs than we know what to do with. 

Our oldest daughter is Megan and her husband Chad and they have two wonderful children, Paige (5) and Sophie (2). Our second Daughter is Brianna and her husband Matt have two wonderful children, Mya (6) and Addison (3). 

Paige, Sophie, Mya and Addison are the main reason we have the Chickens, they just love to go out and feed them treats and collect eggs. It is a lot of fun to see them interact with the animals. 

Goes without saying that Omi (Tracey) spoils those Grand Girls, and Bampy (me) is OK with that. 

Our youngest is Zach. Zach is an Officer in the US Navy and is currently on the USS Tennessee. It has been a little hard having our youngest out in the depths of the sea in a Submarine. We know that he is an outstanding person and will do all he can to keep his Crew, himself and all of us as safe as possible. At this very moment he is on his first Patrol and we can't wait to get our arms around him again. All the above mentioned Grand Girls just adore him and look forward to seeing him soon. 

Go Navy! Beat Army! 

Dan Walker
Customer Service Parts
Parts Direct 866-854-3088

Started: 5/19/2014

I am so happy to have a second opportunity to be on the Patriot Subaru team, this time with the Parts Dept.  I have several great friends and lots of great co-workers to work with each day.  I am originally from Portland, Maine and attended Portland schools, graduating from Deering High School (somehow) in 19-something.  I currently reside in Windham with my fiance, Sue and her daughter, Lela.   I have 2 great kids of my own, Jeff and Lindsey, who are still to this day keeping me on my toes and turning my hair gray way before it should be.  My hobbies include racing and working at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough.  Although I never pursued it, I have an interest in weather and often find myself locked on to The Weather Channel during storms. I have never been a person who I thought would find himself attached to pets, but I found my cat, Dusty,  in a litter that a friend had, things changed.  There was just something about the way he was playing while all of the others were sleeping that attracted me to him,  so I took him home. I like dealing with people,  and here at Patriot Subaru we get to meet and talk with lots of people who are here to enjoy the experience of purchasing a car, or having a car serviced.   Please stop by the Parts window and say hi!  I would love to meet you.

Todd Davis
Parts Direct 866-854-3088

Started: 1/21/2020

Chandler Dostou
Local 284-7900 Toll Free 1-866-284-7900

My name is Chandler and I from Buxton. I drive a 2005 Legacy GT. When I am not working, you will find me working on my car or watching videos of Subaru performance content!



Tom Talbott
Marketing Lead

Started 11/3/2003

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member 2003

Born in Bronxville, NY, grew up in CT, now residing in Gorham with wife Deb. Our son Jim is currently studying at Northeast Technical Institute.  I'm a graduate of Union College, 1980.  Came up through the ranks of radio sales and station management in Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland, before starting my ad agency in 1989.  Very active in coaching Middle School and HS lacrosse year- round with our local Gorham program as well as 207 Lacrosse. I continue playing lacrosse in a Portland men's league and proud to be a traveling member of the Downeast Laxpros. Deb and I still have alpacas, though we've cut back from the high of 18 head. I'm the executive producer and a managing partner for an animated children's series called the Wompkees, which is getting into more and more space internationally.  I've been an active Rotary Club of Portland member since 1987, and through that connection,  just recently began mentoring at Long Creek Youth Development.  Getting around is easy in my Subaru Legacy!

Joe Genender
Marketing "Video Joe"

Started: 4/20/2020

Hey gang. So, a little bit about me. I was raised in Long Island, NY. After graduating high school, I moved to Florida and went to school for music and video production. After finishing school, I worked as a freelance cameraman, editor and all around production guy. An opportunity came up in Michigan, doing video work for a small company. They hired me over the phone and I moved to Michigan and stayed and worked for five years. Over time, I wound up meeting someone, which brought me to Maine in 2000. Things didn't work out, so we went our separate ways. Some time went by and I wound up meeting my wife Deb. We've been married since 2003 and we have a teenage son in high school. I started my work with the Patriot Automotive Group back in 2011. I always enjoy working with everyone when the time comes to produce our videos. We always try to have some fun and have a good time while working on them. I hope to see you the next time I'm in the store; I'll be the guy with the camera!


Universal Love



Subie was born in South Florida in October of 2011. She and all her litter mates were rescued when it was found that someone was buying them to train aggressive dogs. She has grown into a loving, sweet and playful friend for everyone at Patriot Subaru. She loves the water and playing with other dogs.